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What is the formula for success? To me, success has only four parts: choosing the job you love, trying the best you can, using the opportunities, and cooperating.

When you fail, accept it as a sign that your plans are not complete, then reschedule and move on to your goal.

Anyway, the pain was part of what I had been through for 10 years, and now I live with my favorite business that I have always loved.

I hope that I can give all those who live alone and without love a small gift from the best angels of your faithful life.

To my mind, dogs are the angels on earth who are in pain of any pain, but I hope I can reach them all.

Puppy Pet Dog, with 10 years of experience in 4 countries – Iran, Turkey, Greece, Russia, has specialized in all dog breeds. Selling to all over the world and all over Iran.

Be victorious and happy.

Soheil Farhang

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